How Do We Value Freedom?

  • 11/12/2020
  • 6:45 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Zoom

How Do We Value Freedom?

with Susan Olesek and EPP Ambassadors

Thursday, November 12th, 7-9pm CT, online

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The world is changing rapidly and for the first time in our lives, many of us are encountering what it means to be in “lockdown,” a well-known experience endured for years by thousands of our EPP students in prison.  We are also coming to terms with the ways our society has severely limited the freedom of all non-white-bodied people. 

In this presentation, EPP Ambassadors, who found personal freedom before they were released from prison, will dialogue with the Founder of Enneagram Prison Project about how we at EPP are moving forward with great intention to democratize the Enneagram, a tool we know frees us from the prisons of our own making and how we can no longer afford NOT to come to a collective answer to this arresting question: How do we value freedom?

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$20 for all other guests 

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Meet your presenter Susan Olesek

Born outside of Boston, Susan spent her formative years in Asia with occasional forays into places of extreme suffering like The Walled City of Hong Kong and the streets of Bombay. These experiences made deep impressions on her Enneagram Type 1, ideological heart. By the time she entered Occidental College to study sociology, Susan’s resolve to somehow make a contribution to the world was embedded in who she was becoming. This determination percolated while she raised three boys and began to study the Enneagram, a process that took her deeply into herself and a life changing trauma suffered in her own childhood when her mother took her own life.

In 2009, Susan emerged hopeful and certified, full of ideals, and with just enough self-belief to accept the challenging invitation to teach the Enneagram to 100 inmates in a little prison outside of Houston, Texas. This decision changed the trajectory of her personal and professional life, forever. With a burgeoning career that moved her from HR to teaching this fascinating system to “any and every one brave enough to admit to having a personality,” Susan delights in the unknown yet vast unfolding of the Enneagram Prison Project. A project with a mission that is now growing her, and the lives of anyone it seems to touch.

*MN-IEA does not routinely record chapter meetings, workshops, or discussion groups. Thus sharing of recordings is not an option. This is to ensure that we are maintaining a safe and confidential space for people who choose to share personal information during these meetings. Also, many of the presenters teach the Enneagram as either all or part of their livelihood and have requested that their content not be distributed online. The MN-IEA continues to be an organization focused on cultivating community through the Enneagram, and this is best done when we meet together in real-time. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you online soon!

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